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Two reasons for this…

For One, no Internet connectivity-at all. No WiFi signal. I am here typing out on my mobile app with mobile data..which is excruciatingly slow 

Two, I’ve got fever (my body is so hottt right now) sister is my nurse for the time being. 

I am BORED! !! 

I have two posts on my mind..but they aren’t shaping well coz my mind has kinda gone half way to sleep.

An early goodnight maybe!? 

Online v/s Offline

A Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual, now we all know that right..but I wasn’t satisfied just having a virtual space to myself on the big WWW.

I needed to know what it felt to write all those posts..hold it in my own hands and read it out. A product of this creative mind on PAPER, so I got this done…


I might have not have my own published book, this however comes very close to that feeling. I know I will write that 1st novel, it may take some time..however till then, holding this book of 170 pages will always serve a reminder that I am capable of going one step further🙂


A book can never capture the real feel of an online blog, I still have managed to take out a few posts which I would love to read again & again..


The picture pretty much says it… Online vs Offline

The 90’s rocked!

The 90’s truly rocked, probably the greatest phase in my life! A rewind of some of those things in this post…

~^~ Boom Shack-A-Lack (the song), a time when India was catching up with pop music..Apache Indian was a name to remember then.

and we had cassettes by the dozens, played on our tape recorders.

~^~ Speaking English in school was getting compulsory and we felt so cool speaking the The Y2K Buglanguage. Nowadays, sorry to say..the language is being murdered, left, right & center.

~^~ We thought Y2K would end it all! Guess what..nothing happened.


~^~ Having relatives staying abroad and coming down for holidays meant foreign chocolates, and that in turn meant TOBLERONE

~^~ Owning this geometry box was mandatory and then write our names on the top of the box coz every other kid would have the same box too

~^~  We read and re-read Tinkles and Archies comics. We all loved Betty over Veronica and we all wanted to be like Archie. Suppandi’s jokes made us laugh🙂


~^~ Phone Landlines where you HAD to pick up every call & not chose which call to ignore or not. If u owned a cordless phone, u were way tooooo cool.

Last but not least, FLAMES – predicting our love life. Anytime better than the FB quizzes that we do. We’ve all tried it out. What are the odds of it working out?



The Philosophy Class

The students could never understand what the best looking teacher in the college was doing teaching a boring subject like Philosophy..

Equally unfathomable was the principal of the college on why the Philosophy class had the highest number of students on the roll and attendance, considering that the students normally opted for the other 2 options available (psychology & sociology) and hardly a handful would join the philosophy class.

This was the normal trend until the last two years where the philosophy class has been full to capacity. The college had to even shift to the biggest classroom to accommodate the big no’s. It was understandable why the guys were joining in big numbers, nobody could explain why the girls wanted to learn philosophy!?

Her name was  Philomenakind of a  philosophical name if you think about it🙂 It was a match made on earth, Philomena teaching philosophy. To the students of course she was Philomena ma’am (it was a long name to say but the students did not mind for it gave them a few extra seconds with her), the best looking teacher in the entire college. 

Philomena came to college on her bike, blue Vespa GA01-J-4331  and she always parked next to the red Vespa   which belonged to Mr Gonsalves, the statistics teacher.

On one such occasion in the philosophy class where the students were apparently being taught something on the greatest minds in history, their questions regarding the meaning of life, morality, non-morality etc etc (which made no sense to the students really), they were really concentrating on the teacher more, the statistics teacher interrupted the class saying “Sorry to disturb your class, could you please” (gesturing for the teacher to come out)

“Please what?” a few students echoed in a low voice.

(smiling) “Now students..I’ll be back in a sec…” said Ms. Philomena

“don’t you think this Gonsalves sir is disturbing our class a lot nowadays?” another student said from the corner


I love ‘you’ too

It surely wasn’t love at first sight 
…but definitely at first thought


Didn’t expect things would soon turn out the way I hoped for,
for the night came when she confessed, she had fallen in love
with no one else but me…

Being caught unawares, I replied with an “I love you too”02
for I thought, an every I Love You deserved an I Love you…too


The Black cat Blue sea Award


No idea who came up with this name for the Award, it could be a white cat for all I care and it really wouldn’t make any difference. Anyways back to the award, This is my first Black cat Blue sea Award and I have been nominated by Meenakshi or ‘the speaking PAW’ as she is popularly known by, here on WordPress. Meenakshi is pretty awesome as a blogger, she speaks her mind out through her blog posts. I follow her on WP simply because she’s funny, witty and a whole mixture of different things. If you aren’t following her on WP, do so from today and you will not regret it. Click HERE to go to her blog.

Now to the questions:

  1. Name one country in the world you want to travel to – That will have to be Switzerland. I know I’m not asked WHY but I’ll go ahead and say it…[1] The weather (that would include, obviously the snowfall, add to that climbing the snow capped mountains- wow!) [2] The cheese, I could do with swiss cheese anyday and [3] The chocolates (tho’ I am not a major chocolate fan, but swiss chocolates aren’t just chocolates, they are something else)
  2. If given a choice, would you like to be the President/Prime Minister of your country? And why? – No ways! I would never be interested, first and foremost I’ve never had any interest in politics and moreover looking after an entire country, that’s too big a task. I like a calm life and being the man at the top is not my kinda thing.
  3. What is the book/movie/TV Show/Song you’re reading/watching/listening to right now? (name one or all 4, doesn’t matter) – I’m not reading any book currently, haven’t been very active on tv shows either (which is strange) and the song I’m listening to is Don’t you need somebody by Red One.

So, that’s my award. Thank You again Meenakshi (the paw). I hope I have done justice to your questions, tho’ I thought 3 questions were way too less😉

I nominate 3 more bloggers, AvyuktaAditi and Prachi. The questions are the same.




Wisdom Quote

Scripted Sheet

This quote that i have shared in this post is my all time favourite quote that i try to follow almost always in life whenever i get stuck in situations where i don’t recieve the expected response.

I really wanted to share the same with all my readers to contribute something better in everyone’s lives. So here it is ~

A wise physician said,

“The best medicine for Humans is LOVE.”

Someone asked,

” What if it doesn’t work?”

He smiled and answered,

” Increase the Dose.”

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BRICS – in Goa

This is what the 1st page of a Goan newspaper looks like…


So the BRICS summit is happening in Goa-South Goa, 15th & 16th (ie today and tomorrow). The BIG guys are here from Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa and our very own NaMo from India.

As we all know what happens when the biggies are visiting any state in India, the state activities are brought to a halt, not totally but enough to get people irritated. There has been enough talk about how ‘things’ have been put into 5th gear to get the state ready for this summit. South Goa has got a face lift..which is good, but the question to ask is ‘For how long?’

While the BRICS summit ends on the 16th of Oct, N.Modi will be in Goa till the 17th and its only on the 18th that Goa comes back to normal. The Goa C.M says, BRICS is good for Goa, it remains to be seem how Goa is benefited by it.

ALL EYES ON is GOA all the way – on newspapers, news channels and social media, for 2 days at least.

** P.S : That’s a pic (on the right bottom) of our Chief Minister [Goa], Mr Laxmikant Parsekar. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi (left bottom) looks a hero with the white hair and beard to match.


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Candles Online

Old age is always a “BOON”. It’s never a “Burden” ! Yes I mean it. Some of the old people think, regret and pray for death considering their age as BURDEN because we have made their BOON to Burden and their happiness to gloom.

Months before one of my WhatsApp contact shared me a video. “Where an old man probably in his 80s’ comes and asks his daughter of 30s “how to share a photo to one of his contact”. Even though the young lady was busy with her MacBook, still she teaches her father how to share pics on WhatsApp. And she taught this for 3 times and all the 3 times this old man fails to share. When the 4th time the old father asks her daughter the same question, she yelled at him saying, “What shall you do by learning this ? You are an old man…

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R u on Whatsapp?

Of course, you are. Is that even a question? Everybody is, or at least everybody with a phone that supports the app is.

So what is Whatsapp? Stupid question I know…we all know it is a chatting application that can be installed on phones.

The very reason that people have forgotten how to talk to each other and prefer looking into their phones every now-and-then to check if they’ve received a new message
or not  We are living in an era where if you don’t own an android phone, you are looked down upon…the bigger the phone, the cooler you are.

The way I see it, whatsapp is all about competition
~ having the best display pic
~ the catchiest status update
along with all the useless activity of forwarding videos, messages and audio clips, and  the most annoying part of it all is when people have to wish each other Good Morning & Good Night, they’ll send across images.. the same thing which can be typed out – just 2 words or if very lazy 2 letters at the bare minimum (gm/gn)

People are buying bigger capacity memory cards to accommodate forwarded videos, audio clips and images send thru whatsapp. What are people collecting all this for? Format your phone once in a while…all that crap is gonna come back anyways and besides that most of the forwarded messages are hoax – don’t tell me you actually believe all that you read!

Don’t give whatsapp undue importance, it just screws up with your mind and in the process screwing others minds up as well by forwarding the garbage you receive. One thing I have failed to understand is that everybody on whatsapp wants to create a group…a school batch group or maybe a college group, a work group..some group or the other. Its not that they are discussing anything special on those groups, its just another place to forward videos and silly (sometimes non veg) msgs to and gossip…and boys can gossip-oh yes! even better than their women counterparts.

What a waste! whatsapp is a WASTE