Its funny how a simple picture (saw it on one of Aishwarya’s blogposts) of a Reynold’s pen can bring back sweet memories. I’m talking of the ‘pen-fight’ game, we as students have all played it. It was more common with the guys but I’m sure the girls might have tried playing it know just to know what’s so great about it🙂

Pen-fight was a big deal in school. You’ll have students around the table cheering for you like it was some kind of school Olympics game going on. Of course, we only had a limited brand of pens we could use, we normally used the Reynolds and Rotomac and later the cello. It brings a smile to my face even as I remember the names of these pens🙂

I had a friend of mine who use to insert a little paper inside the rotomac pen, which said ‘pen-fight champ’, of course that didn’t always help him win, I was the better player🙂 Before school, after school. interval time and free periods…whenever we got the time.

It isn’t rocket science to figure out what ‘pen-fight’ is all about. The picture should give you a fair indication.

Rules of Pen Fight

The rules are simple

  • When your opponent’s pen falls off the table and your pen stays on the table, you win.
  • If both pens fall off the table, the match is a draw, or if you are playing for points, neither gets a point in the game.
  • Two or more players can play the game
  • You can play in pairs. Two Vs two or three Vs three if you like. In this case, if both pen stay on the table at the end of a pair, they acquire two points, if one stays on the table, then they get one point.
  • You can’t take the pen off the table during the game; you have to move it by hitting it with your fingers.


Game ON!


Orange Juice


I stood at the juice shop. I ordered some mango juice for myself. I was looking forward to the rich cool pulp skidding down my throat like it was some huge water slide in an amusement park. Some vivid imagination, eh? I waited. The shopkeeper was still finishing up his morning prayers (it’s a common sight in India…they start their day and their business with prayers) so I was aware of my wait. I sat down. Someone I knew from work stood next to me. He’s German, I think. I have seen him around but I haven’t known him. I smiled. He didn’t smile back.

“That’s rude!” – I thought to myself.

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Blogging is supposed to be the ONE place I come to, when everything else around me is at unrest. But what happens when my blog has become the center of all that is not right AT THE MOMENT.
I should stay off it for sometime I guess…and take a blogging break!

While I have met so many wonderful people here that I can actually name, one-by-one…there are others (more of the recent connections) who are…well different! I mean what’s with all the attitude? My comments are being mis-understood, escalating to arguments, while others think that my style of commenting is too cheesy..and that I’m hitting on them! Like I have to create a blog to find women and ask them out!! What a whole lot of bull crap!

I am very in-formal…and there is a certain level of casualness in the way I write or comment. If you don’t get what I meant by my comment…ask me, don’t presume!

Oh and yes! I AM NOT HERE TO FIND A PARTNER, GIRLFRIEND OR A WIFE. I opened this blog to connect with people, make friends and broaden my horizon into the world of writing.

This is really pissing off!!


O Shaggy Re

In a lovely rose garden lived tiny plants that bore bright yellow colored flowers and stayed very close to ground.
“When will I become roses” asked a tiny plant who was barely any longer than the straw of grass.
“We don’t turn into roses, son” replied his mother. ” we live like this throughout our lives”

“But I don’t like living like this, no one admires us, no one takes our care and we are always under the risk of getting crushed by humans. ” he said

” Mother nature loves you, she loves all of us equally. ” said her mother.

This answer barely subdued his ambition of being a rose. He wanted to be a rose who gets everyone’s attention, who isn’t scared of coming under someone’s foot,who’s is properly taken care of, the most beautiful rose.

Soon he started developing flowers. Flowers with four petals of bright…

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Understanding life

To have a better understanding of Life, we have to go to three locations:


🚑🚑 At the Hospital, you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than health.


🚔🚔 In prison, you’ll see that freedom is the most precious thing.



🔴🔴 At the cemetery you will realize that life is worth nothing, the ground we walk today will be our roof tomorrow.

Let us therefore remain humble.

“Massage Services”

456        123

Yes, you read that right “Massage Services”. These kinds of ads have been appearing on the goan newspapers of late under the ‘Situations Vacant’. If not Sofiya or Jyoti, its Rashmi or Monica, the name doesn’t matter, its the service and the rate that is supposed to catch the eye.

The curious fellow that I am, I called one number up…some guy speaking hindi picks the call, the phone call goes like this:

Me: Hello &%#$ female Massage Service?

He Man: aap interested ho? (are you interested)

Me: Yes but I have questions

He: kya poochna hai (what do you have to ask?)

Me: (I switch to hindi): karna kya hai? (what has to be done?)

He: ladies ko service karna hai (you need to service ladies)
~ like ladies need servicing! I understood what he was trying to say..but wanted to play around ~

Me: service matlab (what do you mean by service)

He: bas sex karna hai aur usko satisfy karna hai (you just need to have sex and satisfy her)

Me: Aur woh satisfy nahi hua toh? (and what if she is not satisfied?)

He: Aap really interested ho? (are you really interested?)
~ he was getting fedup with the questions, tho’ I had not finished

He: Aap interested ho toh, aaj hi Rs. 1850 account mein baro. Mein sms se account no bhejta hoon. (If you are interested you need to deposit Rs 1850 in the account of which I will send the no to you thru sms)

He: paise kab daloge? (when will you deposit the money?)

Me: Give me 2 days, what type of women need servicing?

He: basically humare paas NRI hai jo husband bahar kaam karte hai (we basically have NRI’s whose husbands are working abroad)

He: What is your name?

Me: Jojo

He: Account mein paise milne se, ek ghante ke baad aapko call aayega aur cab aapko pick karne ke liye aayega aur aapka meter chalu ho jayega (On receiving the money, 1 hour later you will get a call and a cab will pick you up and from then on your meter (money) is running.

Me: ok!
~phone call cut~

I wonder what kind of people actually believe they can earn 18,000/- a day! …and that too servicing females? 

…and if you thought men were adventurous, women are right up there as well!




Are you a ‘Churchgoer’?

Are you a churchgoer? Then this post will interest you.

Read ON..

The first 6 New Testament Group of people who come to church   each Sunday, they are:

Those people who come to Church with their mats, so after Praising they start to doze off

They are those who purposely come to mark the grammar/mistakes of the preacher

These people just come to church to look at the outfits of others

There are those who like roaming about and standing outside during church service

…and there is a group of people called  THE ACTS:
These people’s faith is in actions. They are participators not spectators. They listen to The Word of God and act on it.

Which group are you in? Don’t we have a little bit of everything is us?

May God lead us to put the teachings into ACTIONS.

Safety first!

As a kid I felt that the helmet thing was the coolest thing I ever saw’s a pity many people don’t like to wear it.

I’ve never ridden a bike, nor will I ever in the future…so I’ve never really known what it feels like to wear a helmet. Some say it gets really hot between the ears, while others say they have lost most of their hair over the years that they have worn ‘the helmet’

Well..what do you know!? It’s better losing a few strands of hair than losing your life right!?

Wearing a helmet was…is and will always BE COOL!…that is, as long as people are still riding 2 wheelers on roads. That said, invest in a good strong helmet and not just one that looks good on you.

People are getting more impatient by the day…We all want to ‘leave late and reach early’. I don’t even know how that is possible?

Stay safe, ride safe…people who love you are waiting back home for you. Don’t YOU ever forget that!

‘Torrent’ heart-break

Now we could be now thrown into jail for 3 years for viewing torrent websites IN INDIA!

..not just that, wait! there’s more!

It further states that by just looking at “a torrent file, or downloading a file from a host that may have been banned in India will have you directly put yourself in trouble! After a brief and fumbling ban on porn, the Indian government seems to be extending their weird logic to banning torrents or should I say the very idea of torrents.

If you visit a torrent website, a report suggests {A Times of India report] you might be committing a crime, one that earns a 3 lakh fine and 3 years in jail.

What is India coming to ?

What are we going to use the internet for now?