…too much hair?

Most women love their men hairy (beard, chest & head) and as a man… I don’t understand why! I mean, then what’s the difference between a man and a bear? If you put both into the wild, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

A lot of young guys of late are growing their hair long and then keeping their beard long and I don’t even want to get to what’s underneath their shirt. Its bad enough we live in India where the heat isn’t really kind to us and to manage so much of body hair is.. difficult to say the least, and yet they are willing to do it. I heard from a few youngsters, they have to say “Its the new cool and the women folk dig it”. 

Personally tho’ I haven’t heard any women admit to the fact that they love a lot of hair on their man.

Lets look at some of the places that we (men) like growing our hair.

1. Face Hair (mustache/beard)

Doesn’t it make the kissing or eating weird? We know as Indians we love our rice and curry…imagine parts of food getting stuck in your mustache or beard. (Worse scenario, try eating a mango!) NO GOOD. Hair could get into the mouth while kissing, that couldn’t possibly be good for the kisser and the one being kissed.

2. Growing long hair on the HEAD

So girls are cutting their hair short while boys are growing their hair long, there is something very wrong here. I can’t understand the logic. Its not that guys look any cooler..Look at Ishant Sharma (Indian cricketer)…does he look cool? I don’t think so.

3. Chest hair

Okay! Now if we’re living in a cold country like Russia for example, I can understand the chest hair keeps us warm and all but in India where people sweat profusely – makes no sense absolutely. A BIG NO.

While boys/men like their women well trimmed/shaved in different parts of their bodies making them feel more womanly, I guess girls/women like their men hairy making them look very manly…whatever that’s supposed to mean!





For the women reading this…what’s your take?
For the men reading this…keep an eye on what the women have to say




A Guy🏃 in a hurry used the ladies toilet🚺 in a posh hotel..
He sat down 🚽 and noticed four buttons –
🔺WW, 🔺WA, 🔺PP & 🔺APR...


he pressed 🔺WW & his butt was gently
sprayed🚿 with WARM WATER,
he loved it so much..!!

He then pressed 🔺WA & a blast of WARM AIR💨 dried him up. Still loving it 😀…,

He pressed PP & a POWDER PUFF💭blew to make him smell fresh.
Feeling pampered🙂..,

He decided to press the last button APR.


He later woke up in a hospital 🏥

A 👩Nurse smiled & said to him

Your testicles are in the jar over there!!” :)  

Baar Baar Dekho – The Movie

14 days from the date of its release, yes I know I’m late. I had to wait until I could watch it on my computer. After 2h 27 minutes (duration of the film) I was happy that I didn’t go to the theater to watch this particular film.

The movie promised A LOT especially from the promos, the whole marketing strategies of the film but all that for nothing-the film was an absolute FLOP. Even the best song of the movie ‘Kaala Chasma’ was kept for the end of the film…why!?

Coming to the story…well! It’s confusing to say the least, it moves in two time zones-the present and the future with Sidharth Malhotra advancing in age with every time that he wakes up in the morning…and then in the second half he goes back in time to ‘rectify’ the mistakes of the past to ensure a better future. That’s it…the movie is all about that!
Sidharth Malhotra is way better than the role he was given in this movie, the actor is way too talented.

Who is this ‘Nitya Mehra’-the Director of Baar Baar Dekho? How many films has she directed, 1 before this…what a way to screw your reputation, churning out a FLOP in your second film! Wonder whether her first one was any good.
The songs were ordinary but for the kaala chasma which was wasted at the end of the movie…and as far as the cast was concerned, Ram Kapoor, like seriously?? He’s better suited for the small screen, there are many more people who can act better than Ram Kapoor in a Father’s role. Sidharth Malhotra was wasted , Katrina Kaif was well…she can do limited things well🙂

Overall, a good movie to miss. In case you’ve not watched it as yet, its one of the wisest thing you’d have done. Wait for it to show on tv for free. This movie doesn’t deserve a Baar Baar Dekho-SORRY!


Love just ain’t enough!

If you thought ‘Love’ was enough to get you through a wonderful life with the man/woman you love..think again! If love alone was enough, a lot of us would have been married a long time ago🙂
The truth of romance is the fact that LOVE alone don’t make things work out in a relationship.

For there is MONEY (financial stability)
a good HOUSE
a CAR (bigger the better, definitely bigger than the neighbors)
…and the list goes on.

Don’t tell me it isn’t true, every girl wants that. Of course no girl wants to marry a poor man or a man who lives in a hut or worse still who rides a bajaj chetak  instead of driving a car.

Its true Love don’t pay bills, money does-the more the man earns the better for the wife to splurge. Of course nowadays the woman does work too…so that’s a blessing.

All said and done it doesn’t stop us from searching for love or whatever else they call it nowadays, in hope we’ll find somebody who loves us for who we are and not for the money and the rest of the package.

When Disney said that “love conquers all”, they lied.



Raaz Reboot – The Movie & The RAAZ Franchise

So, I’m back from watching Raaz Reboot…have been a fan of the Raaz movies from the very first one, so I wasn’t going to give this one a miss. I didn’t expect to see anything new from what I’d seen from the earlier Raaz movies such as regular haunted mansion, strange voices, unsettled spirits hanging somewhere between life and death and the possessing an innocent soul.

However, even after knowing all this, I still went ahead..knowing that if there is one thing Emraan Hashmi can do better than kissing in his films is do well in this genre, well at least he gives it his all, much like he gives his 100% in the kissing scenes (he’s kissing the female here in this film too…so yes)😉
Raaz Reboot moves more on the lines of its first movie of the Raaz franchise (Bipasha Basu & Dino Morea) with a little difference here and there. So basically I’ve already told you more than you should know. For the rest, go and watch the film. You’ll like the film if 1. you’ve enjoyed the previous raaz movies 2. If you’re a fan of Emraan Hashmi or 3. 120/- isn’t much to spend on a movie, so enjoy the a/c for 140 odd minutes in this hot season. Simply do what I do, buy the Rs. 120 ticket and go and sit in the Rs. 180 ticket seats🙂 with hardly a handful of people watching shows in the morning, the theater is practically empty.
I certainly enjoyed watching it. This movie is shot in Romania and based around the story of the couple Rehan and Shaina and how due to a mistake by Rehan, his wife has to pay for it by being possessed by the spirit for the ‘mistake’.

The best part of the movie was of course the girl who was sitting besides me, she kept doing the mini jump from her seat whenever she saw the spirit on the screen or something unexpected happened which was really hilarious because it wasn’t really all that scary. I mean this is Raaz we’re talking about, movies like Conjuring 2 didn’t get people scared. I looked at her, she smiled nervously, I smiled genuinely  and we turned our eyes back to the screen, this happened like 3 times. She had come with her friend who was equally jumpy😉

Overall, the movie was good. I liked it…so with this movie, it ends  the franchise on a good note. Out of all the Raaz movies, which one did I like the best…

Lets see…



The first film from the successful horror franchise came out way back in 2002. The chemistry between Bipasha and Dino helped in making Raaz a hit. [I liked this one the best]

Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Emraan, Kangana

The second film from the series came out in 2009 and tho’ there were mixed reviews it did fairly well at the box office. Emraan Hashmi was introduced to the franchise

Emraan and Kangana’s jodi worked in the favour of the film along with its music. The film had some spine-chilling moments too.

Raaz 3D

Emraan, Bipasha

Emraan and Bipasha in the third installment along with Esha Gupta. The film got mixed reviews as well but it raked in big moolah at the box office.The film had a lot of skin show than scare tactics but that didn’t hamper its box office fate.

and then..

Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

The fourth installment marked the debut of South actress Kriti Kharbanda. Co-starring Emraan and Gaurav Arora, the film has hardly anything new to offer. Vikram Bhatt has used all the scare tactics from his previous films in this one. 

Compared to other Raaz films, this one is the least engaging.

Which one was your favorite? 

NOTE: The Raaz Franchise isn’t about horror, Raaz is Raaz and it will always remain that way🙂 Raaz is now a new genre in Bollywood🙂


First timers

“Let’s make love baby”

“but I don’t know how to…Where do we start?”

“How about at the lips?”
They set out for their maiden lip lock for a good 10 seconds, slowly breaking away

“Interesting” she said “I enjoyed it”

She continued…“Considering this is the first time I’ve tasted love, it definitely tastes like mint”❤


Young Frankenstein

Went for a wonderful play ‘Young Frankenstein’ – A Musical Comedy. What fun it was, I enjoyed myself a lot. It was worth every rupee I paid for it. Rs. 400 doesn’t count for much if you get to watch a quality play by an equally extremely talented cast. Kudos to the director Leila Alvares.


About the Play

Grandson of the infamous Victor Frankenstein inherits his family’s estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchback side kick Igor and a leggy lab assistant Inga, Frederick finds himself in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestors. “It’s alive!” he exclaims as he brings to life a creature to rival his grandfather’s. Eventually, of course, the monster escapes and hilarity continuously abounds. Add a little theatrical flair to that, it was certainly a  3 hours of good entertainment. 

I especially loved the tunes of Please don’t touch me, Roll in the Hay, Join the family businessHe vas my boyfriend and Deep Love. I don’t remember of many opportunities where I have laughed harder. Its plays like these that make me really happy.

If there’s an English play in your area and you need company, call me. I’ll be there!

Thank You The C.A.U.S.E Foundation, and Leila Alvares (Play director). A day well ended.

A man and his underwear

It is a fact that men don’t buy new underwear till the existing ones are totally ripped off. A little hole here and there is fine as long as it can be used. It’s called an UNDERwear for a reason right, meant to wear under clothes and not for public display.

As men, we tend to ignore small things hence the ladies take it upon themselves to buy their guys underwear’s they think will look good on them. It’s not the same, a man purchase and a woman purchase. One thing women should realize is that, A man buying underwear is a private thing, for 1. we do not do it as regularly as women do and when we finally decide to go underwear picking (Yes, we don’t shop-we pick up) and 2. It has to be chosen wisely, it has to make an impression.undie.jpg

How long does an underwear last? 2 – 3 years in rotation maybe? So now you understand why it has to be chosen wisely, it remains with us up to almost 3 years, now that’s a long time, isn’t it?

From briefs to boxers, whichever direction men go, wearing one is of prime importance. No woman likes his man so free! Unless of course he’s Christian Grey, then it might be a different story!😉


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7 ways in which ‘Reblog’ acts as rudder in your WordPress Journey? 

Reblogging is a good idea!

Incredible Pie

You must go through it else you don’t need to read it at all!

Okay! Imagine yourself. You’ve written an awesome article. You’ve put so much of efforts in elucidating each fact, polishing each experience, living every feeling, and jotting down all what compelled you to think.

You choose a very beautiful ‘Featured Image’ that relates pretty well with your post. And then you publish it.

After 6 hours( If you’re really strong enough to hold you thumb for so long!!) When you check for the reviews by other bloggers, I bet , you will have enough of likes but nearly half the no. Of views and so ‘Down to Earth’ no. Of comments actually complimenting your work!!

You turn gloomy and after repeated number of such Instances, you will be like ‘Aahhh!! Blogging is not for me! I will straight away write down a BestSeller Book!!!😎’

That’s it! Your…

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